"Dice che molte volte dovrei stare zitto perché parlo senza aver sudato.
E le altre volte dovrei stare zitto perché parlo senza aver studiato.
La mia donna dice che - D. D’Amico - Translation

Talks and Posters

    Invited Talks

  1. CMStatistics 2023 (Ercim)
    Invited virtual talk: Bayesian models and computational methods for complex biological and environmental datasets
    Berlin, GE - December 2023 -

  2. CMStatistics 2022 (Ercim)
    Invited virtual talk: Multiple hypothesis screening via mixtures of non-local distributions with applications to genomic datasets
    London, UK - December 2022 -

  3. ISBA World Meeting 2022
    j-ISBA session invited talk: Bayesian screening via mixtures of shrinkage priors with applications to light-sheet fluorescence microscopy in brain imaging
    Montreal, Canada - June 2022 -

  4. SIS 2022
    Invited talk: Clustering artists based on the energy distributions of their songs on Spotify via the Common Atoms Model
    Caserta, IT - June 2022 -

  5. 4th International Conference on Econometrics and Statistics (EcoSta 2021)
    Invited Zoom Talk: Horseshoe Pit – A Unified Framework for Large-Scale Bayesian Inference
    Virtual Conference - June 2021-
  6. Invited Seminars

  7. CSUEB ASA Student Chapter
    Invited virtual 1h talk: Bayesian nonparametric mixtures for novelty detection
    Hayward, CA - October 2022 -

  8. Cattolica - Spring 22 Seminar Series
    Talk: Bayesian nonparametric mixtures for novelty detection and partially exchangeable data
    Statistics Department Seminar - April 2022 -

  9. UCI - Fall 2020 Seminar Series
    Zoom Seminar: Bayesian Sparse Regression via Cluster Shrinkage Parameters
    Statistics Department Seminar - November 2020 -

  10. Contributed Talks

  11. BAYSM 2023
    Contributed Talk: Segmenting MALDI-MSI brain imaging mass spectrometry data under separate exchangeability
    Virtual Conference - November 2023 -

  12. SIS 2023
    Contributed Talk with Poster: Bayesian analysis of Amazon’s best-selling books via finite nested mixture models
    Ancona, IT - June 2023 -

  13. SIS 2022
    Contributed talk: A tool to validate the assumptions on ratios of nearest neighbors’ distances: the Consecutive Ratio Paths
    Caserta, IT - June 2022 -