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"It gets easier... Every day it gets a little easier...
But you gotta do it every day - that’s the hard part.
But it does get easier.

Research interests

Bayesian Stastistics, Bayesian Nonparametrics, Computational Methods, Applied Statistics

Articles in refereed journals

  1. Allegra, M., Facco, E. , Denti, F., Laio, A., and Mira, A.
    Data segmentation based on the local intrinsic dimension
    Scientific Reports, 2020 - Article
  2. Denti, F., Guindani, M., Leisen, F., Lioji, A., and Vannucci, M.
    Two-group Poisson-Dirichlet mixtures for multiple testing
    Biometrics, 2020 - Article
  3. Petazzoni, M., De Giacinto, E., Troiano, D., Denti, F., and Buiatti, M.
    Computed Tomographic Trochlear Depth Measurement in Normal Dogs
    Journal of Veterinary and Comparative Orthopaedics and Traumatology, 2018
  4. Menicagli, R., Denti, F.
    First results if an in vitro study on the effects of green tea on the defensive layer of the oral cavity
    International Journal of Current Research, 2016

Book chapters, short papers, and proceedings

  1. Denti, F., Cappozzo, A., and Greselin, F.
    Bayesian nonparametric adaptive classification with robust prior information
    in A. Pollice, N. Salvati, & F. Schirripa Spagnolo (a cura di), Book of Short Papers SIS 2020 (pp. 655-660). Pearson.
  2. Caponera, A., Denti, F., Rigon, T., Sottosanti, A., and Gelfand, A.
    Hierarchical Spatio-Temporal Modeling of Resting State fMRI Data
    in Studies in Neural Data Science (Canale, A., Durante, D., Paci, L., Scarpa, B., editors), 2018

Submitted and working papers

  1. Denti, F., Camerlenghi, F., Guindani, M., and Mira, A.
    A Common Atom Model for the Bayesian Nonparametric Analysis of Nested Data
    Submitted - Preprint
  2. Denti, F., Cappozzo, A., and Greselin, F.
    A Two-Stage Bayesian Nonparametric Model for Novelty Detection with Robust Prior Information
    Submitted - Preprint
  3. Santos-Fernandez, E., Denti, F., Mengersen, K., and Mira A.
    The role of intrinsic dimension in high-resolution player tracking data – Insights in basketball
    Submitted - Preprint
  4. Denti, F., Peluso, S., Guindani, M., and Mira, A.
    Multiple hypothesis screening using non-local mixtures
    Under Revision
  5. Denti, F.
    intRinsic: an R package for the package for model-based estimation of the intrinsic dimension of a dataset
    Under Revision - Preprint


Service to Profession and Affiliations

Reviewer for (alphabetical order)

Advances in Statistical Analysis, Bayesian Analysis, Biometrics, Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, International Statistical Review, Technometrics, Statistics and Computing, Statistical Methods and Applications, 2021 SBSS Student Paper Competition